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15 Reasons to use WordPress

Why WordPress is a better option than almost any sitebuilder.

If you’re a small business owner and the budget’s tight, you might be tempted to build your online presence with something free like Wix or (oh, please DON’T) Weebly, but why use them when WordPress is just WAY better? Here’s why we only build with WordPress:

  1. WordPress powers around a third of all websites on the internet. That is truly astounding. What’s even more impressive is that 23% of the top 10 000 websites that receive the most traffic worldwide were built using WordPress.
  2. A WordPress site can do nearly anything under the sun. This versatile variety of function is made possible by the 52 000 free plugins available for download. What’s a plugin? It’s like an app, but just for a website.
  3. You can change the look of your site without huge effort or expense. Thousands of free WordPress themes mean you can design something really good-looking without knowing a dot of code.
  4. WordPress is so flexible, you can build any kind of website with it – from an ecommerce site to a local directory to… well, whatever it is you need.
  5. It also integrates well with third party tools and services like MailChimp or PayPal, social media, and so on.
  6. WordPress is available in more than 150 languages. And setting up a multilingual site is easily done using a plugin.
  7. It’s easy to learn with lots of learning communities found online – and user-friendly too.
  8. Creating content is as simple as opening and editing a document in MS Word. True story.
  9. A site built with WordPress looks good on any device (the more technical word for this is ‘responsive’).
  10. Many big brands have built their web presence with WordPress: Sony Music, Mercedes Benz, BBC America, Vogue India, Angry Birds, the Jane Goodall Institute, Usain Bolt, Walt Disney, the list goes on. See the WordPress showcase HERE.
  11. WordPress is accessible to everyone, even for individuals with physical or sensory impairments.
  12. SEO comes first with WordPress – which is good news for the next time someone looks you up online using a search engine. Plugins have made optimising websites for search engines so much easier – and the bonus is, no knowledge of coding required.
  13. A well built WordPress page can load in under a second.
  14. WordPress supports all media types.
  15. By now, you’ve probably realised, it doesn’t take a tech-genius to manage a WordPress site.