5 Must Have Elements for your Home Page

Are you about to build a new website for your business? Before you start, see to it that your home page has these five elements in the right place – and in this way make sure your business website strikes the right chord with your customers.

1. Social media links

Best place to put the links to your various social media account is either in your header or footer. Social media buttons can increase your following and make you more widely known online, but if you pepper your home page with them, it does not create a professional look. In general, don’t place these links on your landing pages. Stick to where people would generally expect to find them, and make the buttons or links visible enough for someone scanning your page.

2. Call to action

Want people to sign up, phone, buy, attend your event? That’s a call to action and your home page needs one. In general, it’s a good idea to have your CTA above the fold. The fold of your website is the first section that appears in someone’s browser before scrolling further down the page.

3. Features and benefits

Simply providing your customers with a list of products or services on your site is a bit boring. Instead, try listing the ways you can bring benefit to your audience or help solve their problems. How can you help them? What can you do for them? Make your home page content about your USER and not about you.

4. Signup forms

Email lists are an invaluable marketing tool to any business and your website can be very useful in collecting email addresses for you. Don’t just say, ‘sign up here for our newsletter’. Give a good reason for your customers to sign up – you could even try offering something in return for signing up (a lead magnet).

5. Social proof

For a customer finding you online for the very first time, building trust can be quite a hurdle. Testimonials from happy customers you’ve helped can help bridge the trust gap. Gather comments, testimonials and photos from your client base and get it up on your home page!


(and I’ll send you a free copy of my Website Checklist for your next website project)