5 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Pointers on how to choose a name for your site:

  • Think of a few keywords:  When you first start thinking of what to name your website, think of 4 or 5 keywords people might use to look for your services or products.
  • Make it easy to type:  You’ll lose the majority of your target market if your site requires a lot of attention to type because of complicated spelling or long words.
  • Make it easy to remember:  Don’t be the company with the fantastic website which no-one can remember the name of.  Also, keeping it short (and therefore memorable) has the added benefit of being a better fit on business cards.
  • Don’t use numbers or hyphens:  Using numbers or hyphens can lead to misunderstandings when giving your website verbally.  And don’t go for writing out numbers either.
  • Make it unique:  The more unique the name, the easier to remember!