5 Tips to write content for your small business website

Not everyone can formulate florid prose, or indeed propose pleasantly their services or products are other-worldly. In fact, it’s superbly difficult to write about yourself. Few do it successfully and either make a hash of it, or happily pay off a copywriter to do the job. Here’s a little five-point-formula to help you write copy for your small business website your English teacher would be proud of:

  1. What is the problem your product/service can solve? What is the burning, scratching issue driving someone to buy from you? Why does your product or service exist? Maybe it brings relief or is meant to save your customer time? What was your product made for? What is the purpose of your service?
  2. How does this problem affect your customer’s life? This problem is causing a disruption or inconvenience. What pain or discomfort is it causing your client? How bad is it? Sleepless nights? Long hours of hard slog?
  3. How can your product or service solve the problem? OK, you’ve described the pain. So how are you going to bring the relief? What’s the balm, how can you give your client a break from that burden they have to drag around all the time?
  4. How does your product or service work and how will it remove the problem? Keep it simple, don’t get too excited when writing this part. Bulleted lists could work great here, or a little chart or diagram even. 
  5. What will life be like for your client after the product or service is used? Unicorns and ponies galloping off into the serene sunset? Yeah! Lay out exactly how much better things are going to be once they’ve used what you’re selling.

The cherry on top of your five layer cake is the appeal to the person reading the content of your website to DO something – a clear CALL TO ACTION. They need to phone you, fill in a form, order online, whatever it is. Don’t leave them hanging with no idea what to do now that the solution is in sight.

A common mistake among small business owners wanting to develop a new website or upgrade an existing one, is to think that if it looks good, business will come. Unless you’re a graphic designer, the appearance of your website will matter very little if your content is uninspiring or sprawling like a drunk man tripping down stairs. Keep it sharp, keep it focused, make it interesting or even fun, if you can. Now go forth and write wonderfully.

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