8 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Following

How are you going to improve your social media strategy for 2019? Building a steady stream of followers is hard work – so here are some tips to draw the fans and keep them there:

How to win fans and keep them
Image Credit: xkcd
  1. Customer service is priority: Online and offline – be known for your consistent good service to customers and clients. Keep your respect on when dealing with negative reviews or difficult comments, even when you feel tempted to set them straight.
  2. Balance the serious and the fun: Share viral content sparingly – try to keep it relevant to your industry. You could try a #FridayFunny or a #WackyWednesday moment. Always try to share what’s meaningful or useful to your audience, though.
  3. Be sensitive to the beliefs and views held by your audience: Tread lightly where politics and religion are concerned (unless you’re in that line of business, of course). Know the risks and weigh your words.
  4. Proofread and edit your content carefully: Run your text through a spell check. Have another set of eyeballs look it over. Mistakes make you look like an amateur – put your best foot forward with grammar and spelling.
  5. Vary your content: The aim of social media is to develop relationships with your customers, make people aware of who you are – so let it be about that. Posting promotional content constantly sends a message to your audience they’re only valuable to you as a ‘sale’.
  6. Keep consistent with your brand: What you say should match your brand. If your brand were a person, is it something they would say?
  7. Be truthful: In this era of fake news, always check your facts – as far as possible. Post authentic content that does not make wild claims. Customers want to know they can trust you.
  8. Give credit where it is due: Sharing relevant content is a great way to keep customers informed, educated or even entertained. Always try to credit the original source wherever you can – don’t pass it off as yours.

(This post is an adaptation of 8 Types of Social Media Posts that Your Business Should Avoid)