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About Anzelle

I own WebWeaver,  based in Durbanville, in the northern suburbs of Cape Town (but you don’t need to be in South Africa to use our web design services).

I got into web designing by way of being somewhat bored with teaching English.  Tired of teaching the grammatical obscurities of the language, I started tinkering with ideas for building an alternative income stream. Joining a business mentorship group, I learnt how to set up a basic WordPress site – and I was hooked.  From there, I moved on to learning increasingly more, eventually culminating in a website design course – followed by my  very first client.

WebWeaver sites are designed and developed using WordPress – a wonderfully flexible content managing platform for websites.  When we build a website, all the things we’re enthusiastic about converge in one happy project:  writing, designing, organising intricate bits to make a functioning whole.  It also gives us the chance to impact someone’s business in a very meaningful and practical way.

Ultimately that’s what your website is meant to do – produce results…. feet through the door, lead generation, sales, whatever your goal or focus is.

The first question people ask when they hear I’m in the webdesign industry is, what does a website cost?  I often reply that a website is not like a loaf of bread, or a litre of petrol – it has a value, it has a purpose. In this sense, it’s more like a car. Some cars need to get you from A to B, others are luxury models, others need to do deliveries, or accommodate a family. Similarly, what does your website need to do? Come and have a chat with me – I’d like to hear what you need and where you would like to take your online presence. You can also take a look at these:

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  • If you want to learn how to use WordPress for yourself, we offer classes. Get in touch.
  • But if you’re run off your feet and you’d rather have someone build and manage your website and online presence, WebWeaver would love to be of service to you!