Blossoming or burning?

I read an analogy a while ago that compared having a website for your business (or, for that matter, your art, a cause, portfolio or anything else) to putting a cake into the oven.  If you pop your cake in, walk away leaving the oven door closed for a long while, soon you’re going to smell something burning (translation:  if you don’t add regular content to your online presence, your little venture will go up in smoke).   I prefer comparing your online presence to gardening.  Gorgeous gardens take planning, planting, weeding, watering, pruning.  If you want your website to flourish, you’re going to have to go about it with the same gusto!  One nifty way to add regular content to your site is to start a blog.

But be warned!  Blogs, like delicate rosebushes, need regular attention but are fortunately not half as difficult to propagate.

Why have a blog?  Three easy reasons.

  • One. It’s an opportunity to showcase what you know about the field you’re in.  That’s quite important for building trust with clients or supporters.  It helps clients make up their mind about buying your stuff or using your services.  It gives a personality or voice to what you do.  Hopefully, after reading your brilliant blog, they’ll consider getting in touch.  Which brings me to ….
  • Two. Blogs offer a means of interaction with your readers / clients / devoted fans.  It invites comment and feedback – and to be successful at what you do, you need to be successful at conversation.
  • Three. It boosts traffic to your site, especially if you use a few keywords in your post that people might use to search for your company or services.

So that covers why.  The question now is, how?

Because blogging is more like tending a tree and not planting petunias, here today gone tomorrow, I suggest planning your topics / themes for your blog in advance and then breaking them up into manageable parts.  Also, consider those all-important keywords that people might enter into a search engine to look for your products, services or cause.  Another idea is to consider what problems your clients or readers are experiencing and then to write about possible solutions.  Keep it short, keep it interesting.

If you don’t have a ‘green thumb’ for writing, how about this?

  • Ask a guest blogger to write something for you, someone like a friend or associate or employee who is an expert in their field.
  • Get a freelancer to write for you.  That’s going to cost, yes, but it might be worth it.
  • Interview someone in your industry and post the questions and answers up on your site, along with a nice photo.  (Here are some more fabulous ideas)

A website with no recent content looks like your business is dead.  That’s the very last thing you want.  So what are you waiting for?