DIY websites: what they REALLY cost

‘Build your own website for free!’ The ads seem to pop up everywhere lately. Maybe building your own website isn’t a bad idea, surely it can’t be that hard? Can it?

Well, just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Here are three big reasons why a do-it-yourself website using a free page builder platform can cost you time and money:

1. It’s expensive.

‘But it’s for free!’, I hear you protest. Lets take this idea apart carefully. How much is your time worth? If you had to break down what you earn per hour, and take the amount of hours it will take you to build your site yourself – is this something you can afford? Your time is hugely valuable and should be spent on earning revenue, working on your business. If you’re spending time on something which is taking you away from billable enterprises, then that is adversely affecting your bottom line. 

2. It damages your image.

There are undoubtedly some nice-looking themes or layouts you can choose from with most page builders. They’ve already compiled colours and fonts that complement each other. All you need to do is stick in a bit of content and a picture here and there…. But have you taken a look at other sites built on these platforms? Page builders need advertising revenue often to keep on doing business, and there, smack-bang at the bottom of your lovely page you just built is a BANNER AD. Not classy. And you don’t have much say in that. And have you looked at how your site displays on a smartphone, or an iPad, or a desktop? Most page builders cannot accommodate varying screen sizes. Someone wanting to spend a wad of cash on your products or services is going to think twice if they gain the impression you don’t pay attention to the detail. Loss of trust equals a loss of income for you.

3. Your skill level may not be up for the challenge.

Granted – page builders can do most of the work for you, but what happens when you run into a glitch? How are you going to solve it? Can you solve it? A website that doesn’t work is very bad for business. Just think of an ecommerce site, for eg, with a shopping cart that breaks down. Disaster! Besides a loss in sales, Google also penalises websites for being slow or having bugs. And it will take you hours to fix a small thing that a webdesigner can fix in a minute.

DIY websites are great for community groups, small at-home businesses or personal blogs. But if your website is important to you and you want to look professional – invest in getting a webdesigner to build your site. We love what we do, building beautiful websites is something that thrills us. And if you do well (as a result of the website we built you), then we do well. 

WebWeaver would love to work with you to create your new website or update an existing website. Contact us with what you need and we can work on a plan to suit you. 

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