Email marketing is still King

Email has not left the building.

It still remains one of the best ways to reach people, and if done right, can be a tool to increase sales, build better relationships with your audience and do most of the heavy lifting for your company’s marketing. Campaign Monitor recently published an infographic with 24 statistics on email marketing that makes for interesting reading. Here are 8 of the best:

  • Personalised emails (so not a generic ‘hello dear client’ email) have a 5% higher opening rate.
  • If you personalise the subject line (adding someone’s first name to it), you increase the likelihood of the email being opened by 26%.
  • Segmented campaigns (where you specifically target a niche within your broader contact list) saw a 760% increase in sales.
  • Customers who get a reminder email in their inbox if they abandoned a shopping cart are 2.4x more likely to go back and finish that purchase.
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, there’s a return of $44.
  • Email beats social media for conversions by 174%.
  • About 90% of emails opened were done so on an Apple device.
  • More people are opening emails on their phones, from 21% in 2012 to 68% in 2016.


What does this mean for the small business owner?

  • Send out regular emails to your contact list.
  • Find ways to keep gathering email addresses.
  • Use an appropriate emailing platform like MadMimi, Active Campaign, Drip or others to help you stay in touch.
  • Personalise emails that go out, see where you can personalise subject headings, too.
  • Design your emails with primarily smartphones in mind.

And if all this sounds too difficult for you, simply compose a new email right now and address it to a customer or client you haven’t heard from in a while. Don’t make the aim to sell or push for any action, but simply ask ‘how’s business been?’. Do the same thing tomorrow, to another client, and the day after that and the day after that. Simply keep building the relationships that builds the trust that gets the sale.

And soon you’ll be one for the money.