FIRST IMPRESSIONS – 4 Fixes to keep visitors on your site

You have ONLY THREE SECONDS to keep a visitor on your site. If it takes longer than that for your site to load, nearly half the people visiting your site will leave. Bye bye sales, bye bye leads. It’s not your content, it’s not the images, nor even the price of your product (yet). Three seconds is hardly enough to read the whole page! What is it then?

The very first thing your visitor wants to know when landing on your page is, is this what they were searching for a moment ago on Google? And if it’s not, they’re gone. First impressions count. Visitors leave your site when it is not what they expected.

So, how do you convince them it is indeed the right page? Here are four fixes that cover the big reasons why people leave your site:


A whole host of things go into making a page load fast – which mostly boil down to good design. Start off with having your domain hosted by a reputable hosting company. Your design should also be simple, images lightweight, navigation easy – and so on. We’ll cover more of these aspects in the following posts.

How does your website stack up? Test it here:


There’s a bit of debate over the usefulness of pop-ups – they can be helpful in getting people to sign up to a list, for example. Don’t let them hide content straight away. Delay them, for example, to display once your visitor has scrolled right to the bottom of the page, or has been on the page for some time.


One page should cover one topic, or one main call to action. When all your headings, other design elements and content all point to one idea, it becomes clear to your visitor they’re in the right place. They can sense it will be easy it is to find what they want.


If your website hasn’t seen a redesign in more than five years, you risk ruining this first impression. Old content and old design gives the idea you’re not reliable. A fresh look instills confidence – that you have the capacity and potential to deliver what your visitor is looking for.

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