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WordPress & Ecwid/WooCommerce
R1290 / month
  • Hosting (value R100)
  • Site backups
  • SSL certificate
  • PHP upgrades
  • Email accounts
  • Security monitoring
  • Tech support (email & phone)
  • Annual domain renewal incl
  • WordPress & plugin updates
  • Analytics Report
  • Minor changes incl
  • Major changes incl *

* Major changes equal to one hour’s work (value R600) per month


Your domain needs a 'parking spot' to handle the site files for your website, deal with your incoming email and more. We use cPanel hosting on Linux servers.

An SSL certificate installed for your domain means that data moving between a visitor to your site and the server cannot be intercepted by a third party. All domains are now required to have one, or else you run the risk of your site being flagged as dangerous. READ MORE HERE.

PHP is a scripting language that runs on the server. It is used to build dynamic website content. Your WordPress installation needs this language. It keeps a site secure and fast. READ MORE HERE.

An email forwarder is an instruction set up in the hosting environment for email coming to your domain to redirect to another email address. An email account is an actual account on the server that holds email for you until you connect and download your email via an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. Basic hosting packages only make provision for forwarders.

WordPress is so fabulous, it's the only content management system we trust! Unfortunately, we do not offer hosting for websites built on other systems. Our hosting features and tools are all optimised for WordPress. If you need to know why we think WordPress is so versatile, READ HERE.

Outdated versions of WordPress and plugins will slow down your site, as well as make it vulnerable to malicious agents. HERE'S WHY IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO KEEP IT ALL UP TO DATE.

Our security tools keep your website from being breached and provide ample warning if there's an attack or attempted unauthorised login to your site. The software includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner specially designed to protect WordPress sites.

  • Support is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 09h00 - 17h00.
  • Our Basic hosting package includes email support, but our other packages offer telephonic support.
  • For emergencies outside of office hours, please call.

Minor changes are available for our Business and eCommerce hosting packages. These are small edits to site content, for example, changing a heading or image - making minor updates to existing content.

Major changes are part of our eCommerce hosting package and encompass any kind of changes to the site equal to one hour's work (per month).

WebWeaver will, of course! Where it is needed, you will be given access to the site to do your own changes and edits. We offer ongoing training and assistance with this.