Reasons People Don’t Trust Your Website – and how to fix them

It’s really important to earn the trust of your online visitors – if they see your website as untrustworthy in some way, they’re not likely to engage with you. Lets take a look at how bad websites put people off:

No Contact Information on the Site

Having no telephone number, email or physical address (if you’re a bricks-and-cement kind of place) on your site is a red flag to most people. It can cause visitors to think you are hiding something, or that you’re a scam artist trying to trick them into sharing their personal information.

Fix: Make sure your About Us and Contact pages are as complete as possible – make it easy for people to know who you are and how they can get in touch with you. Tell the story of your business, have pictures and videos of yourself or your stuff. People engage with people – not a website.

No Privacy Policy

People will not purchase items online if it is not clear how their personal information will be dealt with. Online security is a big concern nowadays

Fix: Be conscientious about your visitors’ privacy and clearly set out how and what their personal information will be used for. Only collect personal information related to your services or products. Keep your Privacy Policy as simple as possible.

Poor Web Design

Visitors to your site will likely make a decision on if you are trustworthy or not based on the appearance of your website alone – make sure your site can resize for all devices and that the design remains modern and relevant.

Fix: Use good quality images and reasonably sized fonts on your site. Clear navigation and appropriate, tasteful colours are also a good idea. Keep your site uncluttered.

Outdated Content

If your site contains broken links or articles written some time ago, it may lead visitors to think your company is not professional and that your site has been abandoned. They may even wonder if you’re still in business.

Fix: Archive your older posts. Keep pricelists and other similar information up to date. Review your content on a regular basis. Proofread the copy on your pages.

Long Load Times

Websites that take ages to load may appear unprofessional and give the impression whoever’s behind the website does not know what they are doing.

Fix: Shorten your page load time by optimising the images on your site. You can also investigate getting a faster hosting package.

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