Row, row, row your boat

This is your captain speaking.

Maybe you’re just starting out on your online business adventures or maybe you’re a seasoned sailor of the cyber seas, the bottom line for everyone remains the same.  It is this.  What online marketing tactic actually leads to results (sales, profits, increased membership, etc.)?

Well, the internet has certainly turned the process of marketing your products or services on its head.  The size of your vessel is no longer a factor, the world wide web has cut everyone’s sails to the same size.  So, if your boat is as big as your biggest competition, how do you get to X-marks-the-spot before they do?

OK, before my nautical analogy sinks sadly, let me lay it out plainly.  If you want to get results from your online presence, you have to get to grips with good content marketing.

And what is good content marketing exactly? It is simply educating your prospect enough to do business with you. It has the added bonus that TEACHING is nothing like PITCHING.  It’s about building trust and showing yourself an expert in your field. I’m talking about the words you put on your website, what you write in your blog and even how you write your marketing emails.

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes.  What do they worry about?  What would move them towards an answer to a problem they have?  What puzzles them?  Get to know their world and then write content in language they would identify with.  At this stage, don’t worry whether Google or other search engines will pick up your content.  Start with something simple, knowing that it will need tweaking.  Then, make changes according to feedback from your clients.

Bear in mind that only 1% of online sales is motivated by social media.  Someone searching for a product is in a very different headspace to someone surfing their newsfeed on Facebook.  If you want to move someone to action, have useful, relevant, interesting, fresh content on your WEBSITE first and foremost.

It is the anchor point from which all other online marketing efforts flow forth.

Happy sailing! (Drop me a line if you want to know how to set your sails more effectively!)