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Sell More: A clear Call to Action

It’s not that I’m bossy. I just have better ideas.

Look, when it comes to websites, there really needs to be a point. Otherwise all you have is an online business card. There’s no fun in that, trust me. Owning a domain is a bit like owning property – if you develop something great, it’s going to add $$$ to your pocket. It means that, once a visitor has been to your site, they have to know what you want them to do. MOTIVATE.

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Get bossy with your website text. These little phrases? A Call To Action, or a CTA. Every page on your site must be built around an aim. A lot of the time, that aim is a CTA. A good CTA converts a visitor to your site into a customer or a lead, depending on the aim of your page.

Tweak: Make it clear what action you want a visitor to your site to take. It needs to stand out on your page. You can:

  • Put the CTA at the top, above the fold,
  • Make it bigger than anything else on the page,
  • Give it a different font or colour,
  • Give it some space.

And if your creativity has evaporated like warm cookies at an orphanage, here’s some inspiration for you on how to write a really good CTA:

Go take a good look at your website. Is it encouraging your visitor to become a lead or a customer? If not, it’s time to pull things apart a bit and rewrite your content.

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