Sell More: Contact details & forms

Online sales can be a bit of a wrestling match. How can you pitch yourself as the heavyweight to be taken seriously? This is the twelfth and last installment on simple ways to tweak your website to boost or improve your online sales. And hopefully this last piece of advice will help you score a win.

You want your clients to get hold of you. You COULD put your email address on your site – in fact, you should. In all the right places. A good idea is to have it anywhere on the top of the site somewhere – I like a right-aligned address. It is also useful to have your contact details in a sidebar, that at any given spot, wherever your visitor may be on your site, that your email address is always within view.

But it’s a good idea to have a contact form also, as email links don’t work as well on mobile phones or on shared computers. There is the simple joy of a Google Form that can integrate with a spreadsheet online, for eg. And those are easily embedded on your website. Or you can ask your designer to install a contact form plugin on your site, along with a database manager that will collect incoming email addresses for you. I found a winning combination in two such plugins for WordPress sites called Contact Form 7 and Flamingo for message storaging. Just as a side note, you should ALWAYS keep a spreadsheet of all your clients and contacts. Email lists are worth gold for online sales.

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