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Sell More: Headings & Fonts – the signposts of your website

The Indian Hills Community in Colorado does an excellent job of putting up funny signposts – I came upon a really good collection of them on social media recently:

  • “The problem with political jokes is they sometimes get elected.”
  • “Our mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas.”
  • “Cow stumbles into pot field. The steaks have never been higher!”
  • “Please cancel my subscription to your issues.”

Those are a few of my favourites.

Headlines are the signposts of your website, the star attractions to draw in your visitors – telling them where to look, where to go. They allow users to scan and check if your page has what they’re looking for.

A good rule would be to make sure headlines are nice and BIG and BOLD.

This applies to body text too – don’t make your visitor zoom in to read small font, it’s extra effort. And don’t make any of your pages just a wall of text. Break it up, and give each section a useful, brief and clear heading.

You can use a different font or even a different colour (but always remember the rule about contrast). Another good rule for web design is don’t have more than three fonts on your site. Trust your web designer on this matter.

That’s appearance. How about content?

Tweaks to write good headlines:

  • Use specific numbers & data in your headline. Example: 7 Easy Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website for Photographers
  • Be ultra-specific. Example: 3 Simple Steps to Write a Small Business Plan for Beginners
  • State the obvious in your headline. Don’t use: 12 Meticulous Savings Tips For The Financial Amateur. Instead use: 12 Effective Saving Tips For Those Who Want Extra Cash
  • Use emotional ‘power words’. Example: The Best Way to Write From Your Heart and Connect With Customers
  • Use a formula: first identify the problem, then offer a solution and then make a promise. Example: Feel Better Faster. We are the answer to your stressful days. Visit XXX Gym and begin to feel better.

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