Sell More: Home pages and Landing Pages

I learnt a new phrase lately: ‘Stick the landing’. It’s from the world of gymnastics and means ‘to hold perfect form in the final jump or dismount’.

Execute flawlessly from the beginning through the end. Follow through. All phases of the sales cycle require great attention to detail but to be successful, we must “stick the landing” to close the deal.

The Urban Dictionary

You need to close the deal when it comes to sales via your website. An important part of this is knowing the difference between your home page and a landing page. In short:

A home page:

  • is about your business
  • needs good navigation
  • features your business name clearly.

You can read about the must-haves for your home page elsewhere on the site.

But a landing page

  • is all about your visitor
  • must be distraction-free
  • solves your visitor’s problem.

A landing page is geared to a single call to action only, and can be used more effectively to convert a visitor into a customer.


  • Review your home page, make sure it has your contact details in the top fold, has visible links to your social media, and that your navigational menus / widgets are concise and easy to follow for anyone needing further information deeper into your site.
  • Review the landing pages of your site and make sure they’re geared to encourage one response only.

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