Sell More: Make it Look Good on a Phone

I clearly recall the day my dad came home beaming and handed over a box to me. It was a gift – wrapped and everything! Wasn’t even my birthday. I tore it open and there was my very first cellphone… and it was THE SIZE OF A BRICK. Remember those? And remember the ones you could play that snake game on?

Here’s an amazing fact: Bloomberg ran an article last month stating that, as of this year, adults in the USA will spend more time on their smartphones than watching TV. So it’s really, truly important to make your website look good on a smartphone if you want more online sales. Because if anyone has to scroll from left to right to read your content, or zoom in to make things bigger – you’ve definitely lost a sale.

Make sure your website looks good on any screen size.

Test it out on your own phone and ask yourself:

  • Is the most important information at the top?
  • Is the text big enough? Or do you have to scroll left to right to see it all?
  • Can you fill in the contact form without hitting anything else with your fingers?
  • How do images resize for various screen sizes?

You can also put your site through Google’s mobile-friendly check here:


  • Talk to your developer / designer as soon as you can if your site is flagged not mobile friendly.
  • Adjust font sizes suitable to phone screens.
  • Optimise images for phone, tablet and desktop.
  • Put space between elements that are too close together.

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