Sell More: Optimise your Images

(This topic is more about images on a LANDING PAGE. Images on a HOME PAGE have a slightly different job to perform, bear that in mind as you read.)

When I started out in web design, I thought you absolutely HAD to have amazing images on your website for anyone to take you seriously online. To me, a site with no images did not look finished. The problem, though, is that it’s not always easy to get images exactly right. Big pictures slow down your website. Small ones are of no use.

Does having images on your landing page improve sales at all? Really depends what you’re selling. If you’re selling products, obviously you need photos of that. Services? Perhaps not so much.


  • Make sure your product photos are good quality, against a neutral background.
  • Optimise all images on your site – ask your web designer about compressing them.
  • Images on a site should be less than 200KB.
  • For pages selling services, let your text do the persuading work and put images towards the bottom of the page perhaps.

Here are two sites I spend lots of time on with no / minimal images:

See? Certainly not ‘unfinished’. Informative, to the point.

Lastly, if you’re struggling to find a suitable (royalty free) images, I listed the top places to find good photographs elsewhere on the site HERE.

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