Sell more: speed up your website

Who loves a slow website?


Years ago, when Doc Martens and long floral skirts were all the rage, I was out for an afternoon of thespian fun at the local theatre with some friends for a bit of Shakespeare. After the play, the crowds thronged in front of the lifts to exit the building, so we decided to take the stairs. After a few steps, however, I felt something was wrong – something was shortening my stride, slowing me down. I looked down in horror to see my petticoat wrapped around my ankles. All I could think to remedy the situation was to promptly sit down on the stairs and cover my Doc Martens, and my embarrassing public display of underwear, with my lovely Indian floral skirt.

I had to wait for the crowds to disappear before finding a way to winch my petticoat with its busted elastic up under my skirt’s waist and carefully make my way to the car. All while my friends howled with laughter at me, of course.

Is your website’s petticoat slowing things down?

Do yourself a favour. Enter your website’s URL at Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It’s free. It shows you how long your site takes to load, and how you can make it faster (if you don’t understand any of it, email me and we can talk about it).

Your customer is going to hit the back button if your website takes its time to load.

Your site could be slow for two big reasons mostly. It could be your hosting environment. Or it could be those lovely images on your site – the spectacular slideshows to model your services and products. Your site looks really pretty with them, yes (much like my pretty skirt), but for someone with a poor connection, it’s just truly annoying. Don’t let the pretty stuff trip you up.

How to fix it?


  • Remove most of the pictures from your page (just do it, trust me).
  • Check / upgrade your hosting environment.
  • Discuss some of the PageSpeed Insight issues with your developer / designer.

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