Sell More: Stick with Design Standards

You’re an individual, you’re pretty unique. So is your business. Nearly every small business owner I speak to also wants a unique website. They think it will help their clients see just how amazing they are….

It’s a problem. Here’s why.

Websites are all pretty standard – and all work more or less the same. The visitor to your site knows this, they’ve visited thousands of sites before. They expect to find your logo in the top left hand corner, your physical address at the top right, the menu somewhere at the top, a sidebar to the right (occasionally on the left), and so on.

Convention helps to make things more familiar.

When you break with design standards, the flow of things hits a pothole. If visitors don’t find what they expect to find in the place where it’s supposed to be, they’ll hit the back button and you’ll lose a sale.

Conventional does not mean ugly or boring. Just look at cars. They’re all designed according to a certain convention – pedals, steering wheel, and so on, all in the same place. There’s a big difference between a Mazda or a Maserati, though. It’s your CONTENT that needs to stand out – there you can outshine everyone and truly showcase YOU.

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