Sell More: Website Copy that Sells

“This sentence has five words.

Here are five more words. Five-word sentences are fine. But several together become monotonous. Listen to what is happening. The writing is getting boring. The sound of it drones. It’s like a stuck record. The ear demands some variety.

Now listen.

I vary the sentence length, and I create music. Music. The writing sings. It has a pleasant rhythm, a lilt, a harmony. I use short sentences. And I use sentences of medium length. And sometimes, when I am certain the reader is rested, I will engage him with a sentence of considerable length, a sentence that burns with energy and builds with all the impetus of a crescendo, the roll of the drums, the crash of the cymbals–sounds that say listen to this, it is important.”

Gary Provost

The right words on your home or landing page are so vital. Your visitor is going to stay there for 15 seconds, at the most, and may leave at any moment. Right now, they’re not extremely bothered about your:

  • mission statement,
  • decades of experience,
  • super-efficient service,
  • awards and accolades.

They want proof you have The Thing They’re Looking For. Boasting about yourself isn’t going to sell it. Your credibility can come later, right now it isn’t what they need.

Instead, focus on what they want and how you can help them get it. THAT’S copy that sells.

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