Should my business have a Facebook page?

How building a Facebook fanbase helped a small business grow

Recently, WebWeaver client CK-ramics hit 1000 likes on Facebook – and I’ve often been posed the question of just how beneficial a Facebook page is for one’s business. CK-ramics is a pottery studio, offering group classes, amongst other things. Here’s what owner and ceramicist Cherie had to say about it:

“I think, for me, Facebook presence is really important, to network and use a free platform like Facebook for business advertising to my advantage. 

I’ve grown substantially in Facebook likes when advertising my page on different forums on Facebook,  like Mommy Mall, for instance, and area zoned pages. Linking my Facebook page to my website also helped immensely. 
I post studio related work from students, projects in the making, orders I personally make, and also markets we are doing, etc. This keeps my audience interested as it’s different every post. It also gives a broader view of who I am and what we do. For me, it’s important to post at least once a day, it keeps your post in newsfeeds regularly and in people’s minds.  So when they want something made, they recall a post they saw and in turn find me easier. 
I vary between posting images of people doing pottery,  finished pottery and people with their end results. Not just does it encourage people to enroll and gets them excited,  it also ensures one can relate emotionally to an image of a proud person with a completed item they made. I find people get bored if you post just items. 
In terms of my Facebook page and business growth – I don’t advertise anywhere else and have sourced all my students online via my website or Facebook page. It’s a great platform to advertise new products and events. Feedback has been so positive and I can really encourage any small business to invest some time in creating an interesting, high quality Facebook page and keep it active. I also don’t post personal or motivational stuff on my wall. I have a personal page for that. Keep business, business.”
There are businesses, however, that function perfectly well without having a Facebook page. So, how do you decide if this is the tool for you? Consider these points:
  • Why does the average Facebook user engage with social media? It’s primarily a bit of escapism, to step away from the daily grind and relate on a social level. If the kind of business or service you have lends itself to this kind of model of brand awareness, then a social media page might be a good idea.
  • Do you want your customers or clients to learn something new, do you want to educate them towards more informed choices? A Facebook page can be a good source of content for personal development or information. It will build trust with the people you’re trying to reach, and in this way become a good marketing tool.
  • How would your average customer or client (who is not aware of you yet) search for your product or service, however? Someone who is ready to buy a product is not going to necessarily look for it on Facebook – they’re probably going to use a search engine. In this case, a Facebook page performs poorly as a sales tool.

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