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Speed, safety, stability – why PHP matters

What on earth is PHP and why is this important to your WordPress website’s loading speed and security?

What’s PHP?

It is simply a coding language all WordPress sites are built on. The particular version of PHP is normally set by your hosting server and although keeping your WordPress theme and plugins up to date is vital (a service covered by WebWeaver), it is equally important to keep your PHP version up to date as well (also something WebWeaver can do for your WordPress site).

The perks of up-to-the-minute PHP

  • Speedy loading: Your website will potentially load three to four times faster on the latest version of PHP (currently 7.2). Search engines adore fast sites, it means your overall ranking will improve.  Online visitors will feel inclined to stick around on your site (nobody likes a tortoise-speed website), improving your website’s usefulness.
  • Beefed-up security: PHP is open-source software, which means it is built by a community… which makes it a target for hackers. The latest version has tighter safety measures, which older ones don’t. The cost of a hacked website is not just financial, your brand suffers too – so keeping tight guard over the bits and pieces that operate your site is something crucial to us at WebWeaver.
  • Solid stability: Developers of themes, and particularly plug-ins, are all building and upgrading their products to be able to run on PHP 7.2. The problem is, these new, updated products won’t work on the older PHP versions. This will cause parts of your site to malfunction.

The benefits of having the latest PHP version all mean that you have a website your clients or customers enjoy visiting – and that in turn, is good for you.