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A snap overview of online marketing.

In a previous post we covered some questions to ask before having a website built. That’s the ‘what’. Here we look at HOW people are going to find your products or services online. A great idea is not enough. Your ideas or products or services need some exposure. Let me give you the bad news straight away: a website alone won’t cut it. Whether you do it online or offline, you need to work at spreading the word about who you are and what you’re selling. Very much like the Kruger National Park, online marketing has its Big Five:

1. SEO

Short for Search Engine Optimisation. You know how you look for something on Google and a list of websites appears as results? That’s because the content of those websites contains the keywords you are searching for. Your aim, when you write content for your site, is to include keywords and search terms your audience will use to find you. These important little words get indexed by the digital version of a librarian, called a ‘bot’ for the next time someone searches it. This is why decent content is fairly important to your website.

2. Social Media

Where is your audience hanging out online? Join them! Each social media platform carries its own tactics of ‘approach’. Facebook currently has 2 billion monthly users (June 2017), Twitter 328 million, Instagram 600 million, and others like LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest are also steadily on the rise. Find your spot and share your excellent content.

Social media monthly users (in millions)


3. Content marketing

Content is not just writing a nice blog. It includes things like infographics, videos, webinars, how-to guides. It’s content that solves a problem for your client, answers a question, explains something. A word on video, in particular: did you know that 500 million people are watching videos on Facebook every day? There be gold in them thar hills…

4. Online ads

Facebook and Google adverts can be extremely useful in advertising a special deal, discount, event or simply expanding your reach. They can drain your marketing budget fairly quickly, however, so get help on board if you haven’t a clue. 

5. Email marketing

Email still enjoys the lion’s share of online marketing. It’s a low cost and effective means of delivering information about your product straight into your client’s inbox, and if you write it smart and interesting, it will build good relationships for you and do wonders for brand awareness. You can use bulk mailing platforms like MailChimp, Drip, Active Campaign and many others to keep your audience informed. 

But. Marketing in any shape or form is WORK and you have to be prepared to DO the work. Any successful gardener will tell you that a lovely garden is not made overnight, it takes daily weeding, pruning, watering – and marketing is the same. You can use one, or more, of the Big Five to do some heavy lifting for you, though – making YOU king of the online marketing jungle.

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