Website Checklist

This is what WebWeaver needs before your website build starts:

  1. Logo & Branding: We need the original image files for your company logo and any branding you plan to use on your website. This helps us set off with the right colour palette and font from the start.
  2. Structure: We need some idea of what you want in your menus, a list of pages you require and the categories you plan to put your products or posts in – a bit of an organogram, if you like? Some form of hierarchical framework to develop content and design around.
  3. Text: We need all the written content you plan to have on the site. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we can polish the copy as we move along, but we do need a plan of which headings, along with the accompanying body text, you want on your website.
  4. Media: Photos, graphics or any links to media – send it all. You can do so via a shared online folder, or an online content transfer service like WeTransfer. All media needs a bit of ‘treatment’ to be light enough to load fast on your site.
  5. Company details: Include the contact details you want visitors to your site to see – telephone number(s), email addresses and physical address (if relevant).
  6. Forms: Provide details of forms you want on your site, along with the information you’d like to have from your site visitors.
  7. Social media accounts: Send a list of all your social media accounts you’d like to have links to on your website.
  8. Online shops: If you plan to set up an online shop, we’ll need a bit more from you:
    1. Product images
    2. Prices
    3. Product descriptions
    4. Product tags, categories
    5. Invoicing details

If you’re still at the planning phase of wanting a website, here are some articles to guide you:

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